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We offer fresh Dulce de Leche, made in Texas and shipped fast to you! Visit our online store to see our selection.

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We offer an assortment of typical Mexican candies for retail sales and distribution.

Pinatas & Party Supplies

Our retail store in El Paso, TX offers a large selection of Piñatas a large variety of Mexican candies and our legendary Dulce de Leche and Jamoncillos.

About us

There are many brands in the market, but only one has the quality and freshness of a Jamoncillo candy made by Yajua Candies Inc. We have been perfecting Jamoncillo candies for over 20 years. Jamoncillo is made every day by our experienced confectionery chefs. Each candy is hand-made, and each ingredient is hand-picked for the best selection and taste.

We believe that quality sells itself that is why every candy is handcrafted and examined in order to meet our quality standards. The sweet harmony between milk and sugary sweetness is a result of many years of perfection and care for a family recipe. Our candies have a long tradition that traces back to Mexico where our recipe was created and perfected.

We believe in the outstanding taste and quality of our Jamoncillo candies. Order with confidence, as these candies are made, packed and shipped fresh from Texas the the day you place the order.

A word from our satisfied customers

These candies are amazing. This is not your typical candy. These candies are all  homemade and have been family-owned for years. When you buy this candy, you can be certain that it still tastes homemade and with the original family recipe. Being from Mexico, finding good dulce de leche in the States is very difficult…not with these ones, it just tastes like home. The variety of these candies is excellent from dulce de leche with coconut or with pecans…Delicious.” – April 2, 2015

Sergio Maldonado
Sergio Maldonado Best candies ever...

“I have tasted several dulce de leche but THIS is the BEST EVER. It is insanely smooth – there are no rough grains of sugar like in all  the other ones I’ve tasted from other manufacturers (both in the US and Mexico). This one is perfect and seriously the best quality dulce de leche you can find.” – April 1, 2015

Classy Girl
Classy GirlThe SMOOTHEST dulce de leche.

“Mi amigo, join me on the next level. A fantastic taste of home. Their Dulce de Leche is so smooth, you won’t believe it’s only 100 calories per 1 ounce candy. I wish every candy could coat the tongue with sweetest and flavor like this. Like Fudge? Like Pralines? Like Caramel? Mi amigo, you’re ready for this.” – May 6, 2015

VirginiaLike Fudge? Like Pralines? Like Caramel?

“Super-excellent, authentic candy. Brought back so many memories from Mexico. They’re made just right. I like the variety. They’re perfectly packed-not one was cracked or smudged. Perfect for gifting. Can’t wait to order more!” – Dec. 15, 2015

Betina F.
Betina F. Thank you for making this tasty treat available!

“Delicious.”  – Jan. 2, 2016

Jonathan D. L.
Jonathan D. L. Five Stars!

“I grew up eating the Michoacan version of these candies and that is what I expected when I ordered these, but they are different, in a totally awesome way. The Michoacan version is a bit grainy but these are super-smooth and creamy. And RICH. I can only eat a half one at a time. Wonderful experience!” – Jan. 25, 2016

Matthew S.
Matthew S.in a totally awesome way. The Michoacan version is a bit grainy ...

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