Our 10 Bestseller in Mexican Candies

We have have organized a list of our most popular Mexican candies. Popularity was calculated by the number of sales a certain product had in our last year’s records. Sales were made through our three outlets:online, at retail and wholesale. Enjoy!

#10 Chicle Canel’s

This is a classic gum at a really economical price. Even though the flavor last a couple of minutes, the packaging and popularity of this gum have maintained its sales throughout the year. It comes in the variety pack of original flavors.

#9 Ricolino’s Bubulubu

Cold are always the best. Bubulubu have a great mixture of flavors. A Bubulubu is a piece of marshmallow topped with strawberry jelly and covered in chocolate. It is a delicacy and one of my personal favorites. It our list it comes to number 8, why doesn’t it come up further up the list? …well because it is chocolate, its craving varies with the weather.

#8 Ricolino’s Paleta Payaso

A classic by kids. The Paleta Payaso is a marshmallow pop covered in chocolate and three gummies are placed on one side to resemble the face of a clown. It’s packaging and uniqueness makes it popular, this product also varies in sales throughout the year. One of the bad things about this product is that the marshmallow may turn hard if it sits too long in the warehouse, fortunately, we have three sales outlets and if the product does not sell in one it sells in the other. It makes our job easier to offer a fresh product all year round.

#7 Dulces Vero Mango

Without words chilli powder makes any Mexican candy taste ten times better. There is certain gratification, after eating all that spicy powder, when you get to the sweet mango flavored pop. Mango is a popular flavor in the Mexican confections due to it’s natural sweetness and ease of farming.

#6 Dulces Vero Rellerindos

Vero brand candies comes up often in this list, and without any doubts one of the biggest confectionery companies in Mexico. Vero Rellerindos are a great example of what a Mexican candy can be. It is all based in the flavor of one fruit: Tamarind. Tamarind is quite popular in the Mexican market even though it is not originally from Mexico, but it has made to every culinary area of the Mexican cuisine. Vero Rellerindos is a hard tamarind candy shaped into a peanut and filled with soft tamarind goodness. One of the most popular candies taken to parties for sure.

#5 Puesa’s Tronchitos

At number 5 you may not know this, but Tronchitos are a hit in parties. As we deviate from all sweets and spices, Tronchitos are in the other spectrum of flavor. These are salty, slightly spicy and highly addictive. Once you start eating one you don’t stop until you end up with an empty bag or a stomach ache. Great snack and great for “bolo”. Bolo is the candy you provide to kids at birthday parties and usually given in party bags.

#4 Cacahuate Japones Cocktail De la Rosa

In number four comes De La Rosa’s Cacahuate Japones. There are many recipes that have these, such as Pina Locas, Pepinos Locos, Papas Locas, etc. They are also used for snacking as they are salty and full of protein. Cacahuates Japoneses, or Japanese Peanuts, are quite popular in Mexico and there are many different brands in the market. In the US and in our market this brand is the most popular by far. As a hint De La Rosa manufactures our number two in this list, can you guess what it is?

#3 Pabsa’s Portico

…we are getting close to our number one. Number three in this list is Portico’s Tico. This candy is a mixture of sweet and tangy powder. This can be eating by itself anytime or it can be used in recipes. It is popular in the making of manzanas con chamoy (Chamoy Appes) and other exquisite recipes.

#2 Mazapan De la Rosa

Our number two in the list, personally I thought it would be number as it is my personal favorite, De la Rosa’s Mazapan. Mazapan is a popular candy and recognized all over the world. It has become the leading Mexican candy and without a doubt one of the most requested candies in our store. Mazapan is made from a secret mixture of peanut powder, sugar and other ingredients. It is just outstanding.

#1 CP Products Rebanaditas

Finally, number one: CP Product’s Rebanaditas is a classic as well. People know it because of its mixture of sweetness and spiciness. Rebanaditas are watermelon flavored lollipops covered in Guajillo Chilli powder. We are not saying this is the best candy overall, but the one that was sold the most. Rebanaditas have a long story in it’s recipe and struggles with the FDA at one time. Today they have changed their recipe to meet the requirement and since then it has climbed again to the top of our list as the bestseller for this year.

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